Kloud 9's Training Testimonials

Hear what families have to say about Kloud 9's Training Program

   "Our beautiful puppy, Ducky, completed the Kloud9 training course, and we could not be happier with the results.

At 14 weeks Ducky can sit, lay down, stay and go to her place (all of this impresses everyone we meet.) She can also walk on-leash.
She is socializing extremely well with both dogs and people (including kids), which means we can take her everywhere. She plays well with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages, and everyone stops to pet her and say hi to the "beautiful brindle boxer", which she doesn't mind at all.

We believe Ducky is more responsive to new tricks and commands because the foundation was laid at such an early age. Also, the housetraining is going very well.

We received a mid-training report card and pictures from Mark half way through the training.
The day we brought Ducky home Mark and Dora made sure we understood all the commands and that she listened to us both. They also answered all our (many) questions about training and everything else, and they continue to do so through emails.

Thank you, Dora and Mark, for your amazing job - we are so pleased with and proud of Ducky.