When it comes to house training... we prefer the Umbilical Cord Housebreaking method

Umbilical Cord Training is a housebreaking method that’s pretty much what it sounds like – your dog is attached to you with a cord (his/her leash) throughout the day. It’s a supervision-based program that requires vigilance but yields excellent results with just about every dog or puppy. This method works well in conjunction with other methods, such as crate training . It’s also a great alternative for those who spend a lot of time at home and prefer not to use a confinement method .

This method is the perfect choice for preventing accidents, since your dog never has the opportunity to wander off to have an accident in the house. You’ll also be right there to correct him if he tries to have an accident, which is a great opportunity to teach him where you don’t want him to, and to get him promptly to the right spot to finish up.

Most people prefer to use 2 6-foot leashes put together for umbilical cord training. This gives your puppy a bit of room to move around, but he can’t get so far away from you that you lose track of what he’s doing. You’ll have your dog on his leash with you at all times when you’re in the house with him. You can hold it, put the loop around your wrist, sit on the end of it or tie it to your belt loop. You can also tether your dog to a nearby object, like the leg of your chair or coffee table or a door handle. Make sure that whatever you tie him to is not likely to follow him when he pulls. If you choose to do this, be sure you don’t walk away from him, leaving him unsupervised. Remember, the whole point of umbilical cord training is to have the dog right there with you at all times.

Once you see that your dog/ puppy is understanding and has not had an accident in your home for 2 to 3weeks with umbilical training ... start giving a little freedom... release the leash (still have it attached). If your dog / puppy continues to do well... remove the leash. IF your dog/puppy has an accident in the home restart umbilical training... REPEAT...

It may sound like a lot but its not... We have had wonderful success with this way of house training... Remember REPETITION , setting boundaries and teaching what we expect from your dog/ puppy is key :)