Kloud 9 Families 


Kloud 9 puppies are sent to the best homes we can find and their new families are enormously proud of their puppies.  The Kloud 9 Family web page provides a place for follow-up photos of purchased puppies. After our puppies go to their permanent homes, these pages will provide a place for the new owner's photos to be posted so the rest of us can see how our favorite Kloud 9 puppies are doing. So please feel free to e-mail us updated photos so we can post them on our website for all to see.

Big Jake & Bre... A wonderful Kloud 9 Family that keeps in touch and sends these beautiful moments captured on photos.

Here is a great picture from another Kloud 9 Family...Sue & Family captured a bonding moment between their daughter and Barley (their Kloud 9 Boxers)




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