Kloud 9's Pug Puppy Application

Prices for our pug puppies:

Fawn Coat Pug Puppies - $ 1,950

Black Coat Pug Puppies - $ 1,950

White Coat Pug Puppies - $ 2,950

Apricot Coat Pug Puppies- $2,250

I have made filling out the puppy application easier for everyone. All you have to do is put your information on the form below and then click submit button. It will e-mail the form right to me:

Please note that we are located in Deer Trail, Colorado.


Does anyone in your family have dog-related allergies ?

Is this your first Pug?

Do you have other pets?

Do you realize the expenses of owning a dog ?

Do you understand that if you are reserving a spot on one of our upcoming litters, when you see "Expected (Month)", the month is based on a projection of when we expect puppies to be born. That rough date may vary as nature takes her course ?

If this will be your first Pug, do you know the energy level and have you done your homework on the Pug breed ?

You are aware that we require you to contact us if life changes and you no longer can care for your puppy ?

Do you realize that pugs shed and are prone to eye injuries?

Gender preference:

Coat Color Preference:

Do you understand that all of our Fawn and Black coat Pugs are $1,950.00, our Apricot coat Pugs are $2,250 and our White coat Pugs are $2,950 :

Are you interested in having your puppy trained ?

I Have Answered All Questions Truthfully And Understand The Puppy Application/ Contract And By Me Typing In My Full Name Acts As My Legal Signature And That I Understand This Agreement, I Agree To Everything On This Puppy Application/Contract: